About Us

3D visuals of architectural designs have become a vital part of the design process.
At Ns3drenders we specialise in creating high end 3D visuals in the built environment industry. Our team has extensive knowledge and skills of the architectural market and software, with experience in residential, commercial and retail architecture.
We work closely with our clients, ranging from architects to interior designers, product designers as well as advertising agencies.
Beginning our work from sketches, 2D floor plans or 3D models, we are able to suit the clients needs for the project.
Ns3drenders can provide architects and designers with the following visuals:
– Exterior Visuals  
– Interior Visuals  
– 3D Walkthroughs
We are based in Pretoria, South Africa, however we have worked extensively with clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and abroad from the Middle East and Europe.
Process for creating 3D Visuals 
Stage 1: Modelling
We require the 2D floor plan to begin modelling the scene as well as inspirational images of the design and  style of the project. 
Stage 2: Texturing and lighting
From there we detail the scene with textures and set up realistic lighting to suit the project design. We then seek to find the best camera angle to represent the design in the 3D visual.
Stage 3: Rendering and Post production 
Once satisfied with the view, the rendering takes place. We then take the visual into our post production software and save out a low resolution image for the client to approve. Once approved, the high resolution image can be rendered.