Design Process

Stage 1:
Modelling of space and environment

NS3DRenders discusses the project scope with the client and gathers all the necessary information and reference that is needed to initialize the project. Upon quote approval, a 50% deposit is required to ensure we allocate enough time for the project. From there the 3D modelling of the designed space is created and the environment is set up.

Stage 2:
Texturing & lighting set up

Once the initial phase is completed the scene is textured with precise detail and then set up in a life-like lighting environment suiting the design look and feel. Cameras are then set up according to the views discussed in the quote to showcase the design. The time to complete this phase may vary between projects, as some require more detailing. For example, a daytime render requires a different approach than a dusk scene render.

Stage 3:
Rendering and post production

When we are satisfied we start the rendering process and produce a low-resolution image that will then be sent to the client in digital format along with a mark-up sheet. Comments are made on the sheet and returned to us for the changes to be implemented. We provide one set of revision for each view before costs apply. Once the final image is approved, the client is invoiced and a high resolution image is sent in digital format when payment is received.